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Mississippi River

The Mississippi River Timeline.

The Louisiana Purchase.

By a treaty signed on apr.30, 1803 the United States Purchase from French The Louisiana Territory.

1718 The French officials establish to allow slave imports in the Biloxi area.

-1719 First slave shipment arrive most aerly slaves are Caribbean creoles.


-1724 Black code is enacted and Slavery is defined in the Mississippi Territory.

-1763-1779 British administer Natchez and Biloxi as the province of west Florida ,British slave traders bring large numbers of Jamaican-borne ,African Caribbeans to the Natchez region.

-1779-1798Natchez region is governed by the Spanish ,who encourage the slave trade by offering land grand bonuses to settles who transport the slave.

-1795 Pinckney Treaty with Spain transfers the territory along the eastern bank of the Mississippi river to USA.

1795-1810 Cotton replaces tobacco as the main cash crop demand for slaves field workers grows substantially.

1798 The USA begins to administer the Natchez region ,attempts to limit the slave trade are thwarted by white settles.

.1801-1837 Various Indian land cessions lead to the removal of all Indians of the Mississippi by 1837 opening of new lands resulting from each cession creates land rushes and increased demand for additional African American slaves.